Register. Contribute. Enter

To take part in The Pangolin Photo Challenge you must first register. You will only need to register once to take part in all the 2022 challenges. The Challenge Rules can be found here.

We are not charging an entry fee to get involved in the Pangolin Photo Challenge. Instead, we ask that you make a donation to the Kalahari Wildlife Project via the Pangolin.Africa online store to support the work they are doing to protect our favourite animal here in Africa.

The amount that you contribute is entirely up to you. Whatever you can afford. This is a global challenge and we realise residents of different countries can afford different amounts. No matter what that amount is, rest assured every penny will be spent on the rescue and rehabilitation of African wildlife.

The great de-bait.

For those of you who have been following us for a while, you will know our stance on baiting in wildlife photography. On safari, we do not allow any form of baiting and so we will continue this stance in the Pangolin Photo Challenge too.

For clarification, we regard baiting as the placing of food in a location to specifically attract an animal to alter its behaviour. This applies to live and dead bait or any type of food (seeds, bread etc). This does not apply to permanent water sources that have become part of the animal's natural environment such as waterholes, ponds and birdbaths for example.

We hope you understand and appreciate our stance against baiting. If you suspect an image has been captured using bait then you are able to report it in the gallery section. We will then investigate and make a ruling.